Search Engine Optimization Explained

By Marcus Ryan
There are many blueprints and guides that are supposed to help you gain better rankings on Google. The truth is if you want to understand search engine optimization you need to start from the beginning. For example one of the very first things you should do is your keyword research, properly researching for the best keywords that apply to your site. In this article you’ll find tons of tips to help you with seo.

The content of your article is an important piece of the puzzle, too little content can affect your rankings. It’s always recommended you have at least 500-1,000 words of content on your homepage and that it includes your targeted or main keyword at least 2-3 times. This will help you get your onsite optimization on track and will help you get your site indexed by the search engines much faster.

Anchor texts are specially important these days, your anchor texts profile should be well balanced between all your relevant keywords. If you link to your main keyword too much through anchor text it could affect your rankings negatively, which is why your profile should be mainly relevant keywords and variations.

If you have a blog we recommend you work on optimizing every aspect of your post, that includes meta tags, tittles and even URL’s. Better optimized URL’s will help search spiders crawl your post a lot easier. Adding your targeted keyword to your post’s URL is always a good idea.

You probably know that being ranked by the search engines have many benefits, first page listings on Google for high traffic keywords can be very profitable and put you light years ahead of your competitors. We hope this article was helpful and you learned a few new tricks to help you with your search engine optimization efforts.

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Search Engine Optimization Explained

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